Demo page

This is the demo site for the Advanced Post Navigator WordPress Plugin. This site displays the actual output of the plugin. Check out the list of all features in this page.

  • The arrows on the either side of the page demonstrates the plugin working.
  • Hover over the arrow to display the next and previous post information.

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Note: The demo is shown with default configuration. You can customize it to your needs in the “Admin page”

Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard navigation is one of the feature of the plugin. You can experience it in this demo site.

  • Use the arrow keys <- and -> to open the “Previous” and “Next” post bubbles.
  • Press “Esc” key to close the bubble.

Various keyboard actions

  • Mode 1 – Show bubble only on keypress
  • Mode 2 – Show bubble on first keypress and open the link in the next key press
  • Mode 3 – Open link on first key press.
  • Disable – Disables keyboard navigation.

Open at bottom of page

Scroll the page to the bottom to open the next bubble automatically. This is one of the feature of the plugin. This feature is configurable.


Compatible in various browsers

Advanced post navigator is compatible in various browsers. It is tested from IE 7 to IE 10, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and it just works without any issue.

Touch support

This plugin has touch support. Hence, when the arrows are tapped from mobile the bubble is shown. This feature is tested through Chrome’s touch emulating events.

Help and Support

Complete documentation and FAQs related to this plugin can be seen in this page. Plugin support, bug reporting and feature requests can be done in the Official Aakash Web Forum.


You can share your immediate ideas and discuss it in the plugin’s Official home page.

Buy this plugin for $10

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